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Trang chủ » Does New Mexico Have A Beach? Exploring The States Coastal Wonders

Does New Mexico Have A Beach? Exploring The States Coastal Wonders

Why Nobody Lives in New Mexico

Does New Mexico Have A Beach? Exploring The States Coastal Wonders

Why Nobody Lives In New Mexico

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What States In Mexico Have Beaches?

Here is a comprehensive list of stunning beaches in Mexico that you should consider for your next vacation. Mexico is renowned for its picturesque coastal destinations, and these are some of the top spots you can explore:

  1. Playa del Amor, Baja California Sur: Located in Baja California Sur, Playa del Amor boasts breathtaking landscapes and crystal-clear waters. It’s a must-visit for beach enthusiasts seeking a tranquil escape.

  2. Playa Sisal, Yucatán: On the Yucatán Peninsula, Playa Sisal offers a serene coastal experience. This beach is known for its relaxing atmosphere and is ideal for those looking to unwind.

  3. Playa Carrizalillo, Oaxaca: Nestled in Oaxaca, Playa Carrizalillo is a hidden gem with its secluded cove and pristine sands. It’s perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

  4. Playa Delfines, Quintana Roo: Quintana Roo’s Playa Delfines is a popular choice for those seeking both natural beauty and water sports. You can enjoy activities like surfing and parasailing here.

  5. Playa Mayto, Jalisco: For a more off-the-beaten-path experience, head to Playa Mayto in Jalisco. This secluded beach is known for its tranquility and untouched beauty.

  6. Playa Troncones, Guerrero: Located in Guerrero, Playa Troncones is a paradise for surfers. It offers excellent waves and a relaxed beach vibe.

  7. Playa Balandra, Baja California Sur: Another gem in Baja California Sur, Playa Balandra, is famous for its unique landscapes, including shallow turquoise waters and unusual rock formations.

  8. Puerto Progreso, Yucatán: Puerto Progreso, situated in Yucatán, is a vibrant coastal town with a bustling beachfront. It’s an excellent destination for those who enjoy a lively atmosphere and beachfront dining.

These beautiful beaches in Mexico cater to a variety of preferences, from tranquil getaways to action-packed adventures. So, whether you’re looking for relaxation or excitement, Mexico’s coastal states have something for everyone to enjoy.

Does Albuquerque Have A Beach?

Is there a beach in Albuquerque? Yes, Albuquerque is home to Tingley Beach, which provides a unique recreational experience. Tingley Beach is not your typical sandy beach by the ocean, but rather a charming destination nestled along the banks of the Rio Grande River. While it doesn’t feature traditional beachfront activities, it offers various attractions, including opportunities for wildlife watching, scenic paths for running and walking, and even model boat enthusiasts. It’s essential to respect the rules and regulations of Tingley Beach to ensure a positive experience for all visitors and to protect the environment and local waterfowl. Fortunately, access to Tingley Beach is on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning you don’t need reservations or timed-entry tickets to enjoy its amenities. So, while Albuquerque may not have a seaside beach, Tingley Beach offers a delightful alternative for outdoor enjoyment and relaxation.

Is New Mexico A Friendly State?

Wondering whether New Mexico is known for its friendly residents? According to a national study conducted by and Verizon, New Mexico ranks as the second kindest state in the United States. This study not only places New Mexico highly in terms of kindness but also highlights the top three acts of kindness that were most prevalent overall. This information was gathered in a survey conducted on June 25, 2021, shedding light on the state’s reputation for friendliness.

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Why Nobody Lives in New Mexico
Why Nobody Lives in New Mexico

New Mexico’s beaches are primarily found next to reservoirs and lakes, making for added interest to your beach visit. These 20 best beaches in New Mexico for the perfect day trip or vacation.Tingley Beach also offers wildlife watching, paths for running and walking, and model opportunities. Please be respectful of other users, the environment and waterfowl by observing Tingley Beach rules and regulations. Use of Tingley Beach is first-come, first-served. No reservations or timed-entry tickets are required.Didn’t think New Mexico had nice people? A national study done by and Verizon ranks New Mexico as the No. 2 kindest state in the country. The survey includes the top three acts of kindness ranked overall.

Here’s our list of Mexico’s best beaches to help you plan your next getaway.
  • Playa del Amor, Baja California Sur.
  • Playa Sisal, Yucatán.
  • Playa Carrizalillo, Oaxaca.
  • Playa Delfines, Quintana Roo.
  • Playa Mayto, Jalisco.
  • Playa Troncones, Guerrero.
  • Playa Balandra, Baja California Sur.
  • Puerto Progreso, Yucatán.

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